How To Certify A Service Dog

A service dog is the dog which is trained in serving a disabled person. It helps the disabled person in accomplishing certain tasks. As the handler or the owner of a service dog, you need to meet certain criteria before the dog acquires the certification. It is the Americans with Disabilities Act which protects the rights of those persons disabled physically or mentally. An individual may have physical, intellectual, sensory or psychiatric disability. Certain states, however, do not require the service dog to be certified but rules vary. Prior to beginning the dog’s training for certificate, you need to know How To Certify A Service Dog. You need to abide by the service dog law and proceed systematically.

The need for documenting the training

You need to maintain a training log where you enter all aspects of the dog training. State and federal laws differ and so documentation is must. Since the law regarding service dog is pretty vague, it may be open to interpretation. You may be questioned anytime when you take the dog outside for training.

How To Certify A Service Dog

Taking care of the health issue

When you are looking to acquire a certificate for your service dog, pay closer attention to the health of the dog. Take your dog to a pet veterinarian on a regular basis so that any health condition may not go unnoticed. A professional dog trainer is must if you want to certify the dog.

Enhancing the socializing skill

When it is the service dog, it has to socialize a lot. If the dog lacks the socializing skill, it will not be able to serve the disabled properly. You need to work on the socializing skills of your pet and enhance it. Check how the dog responds when the situation is new or the taste, sound and smell is different. It is important to train the dog for varying environmental conditions.

Obedience is must!

Keep reviewing how much the dog is obedient. Keep on giving orders and instructions like ‘Sit’, ‘stay’, ‘move’ to see how far is it obeying your instructions. Once it has mastered basic commands, combine it with unfamiliar situations where activities, different people and social gathering are involved.

Adopt only human dog training techniques

When you teach your dog certain skills, adopt only humane techniques. Make use of reinforcement to encourage your dog. This way, the pet will follow every instruction and enjoy the training process.

Preparing relevant documents

After the 4 months of training in basic obedience instruction is complete, prepare a relevant document. Get in touch with a professional trainer who can supervise the obedience training and simultaneously give AKC Canine training Test to ensure that your dog is safe and can work in a social setting.

Increase the socialization time

When the dog has learned how to socialize, you can increase the socialization time. The more it socializes, the brighter the chance of acquiring certificate. Let it practice the commands even more and more. Check how your dog responds when its tail is touched or when something is awkward around.

Giving time to the dog

When you are training your dog for a certificate, it is very crucial to stay patient. Give time to the dog to adjust to new commands. It must master the basic obedience commands slowly and gradually and do not end up opting public access training. You need to ensure that it does the obedience behavior reliably.

Use positive training techniques

Try and avoid the negative behavior arising in between the training which delays the learning process. If the dog growls or snarls in fear or out of aggression, it is not ready to socialize and give it sometime.

Getting the certificate


Prepare your dog for the Public Access Certification Test by collaborating with a professional trainer. Ask the trainer to prepare the dog for the test and take the test. This way, you will get the documents, certifying that your dog fulfills the standard criteria. After even acquiring the documentation, the dog must keep on practicing the skills or whatever it had learned during the training.

When your dog has fulfilled all the criteria, still a lot of work needs to be done. Be watchful of the dog’s behavior when the environment is distracting. The dog must not adopt its previous behavior by anyhow. Teach the dog how to ascend or descent the stairs and work as a team. If you are still wondering How To Certify A Service Dog, you can get in touch with a pet expert.